Countess Couture


*SPOILER* (sort of) Just a quick musing on the ‘death’ (again) of The Countess.

She rarely looked her age on this show, and thats not to insinuate any judgment on Lady Gaga’s cosmetic appearance, but rather that the Countess, in the ‘present’ that is our contemporary time, rarely dressed in the styles of this current period.  In flashbacks of course she embodied the twenties, the eighties and even nineties grunge, but in our time she was often in their costumes.  So over the top, so styled in history – why, is our time, the present, the time at which fashion becomes past?  Even Alex when newly turned initially releases herself of her Levi jeans and Gap t-shirts and swoons the hallways as a ‘true’ Nanny, a tightly bound, high seamed Victoriana Governess.

It’s a true Gothic pun that the vampire (yes, I know we aren’t supposed to call her that…) is always out of time, and time is evidently all they have.  Even when dressing in there garb of the eighties, her natural body likely should never have seen those clothes, let alone adorned itself within them. 

With a final episode to go I am excited to see what fashions the ‘true’ death have in store for The Countess.

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