I’ve recently returned from a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden (a place I fell in love with) and I’ve got many more posts on the way now I’m home! 

First I just wanted to share some of the cool things we stumbled across, and prove that traces of the Gothic unexpectedly everywhere…  

*evil villain laugh* 

First up is some ‘cliff art’ of Death and the Maiden (because that’s totally a thing over there) because romance is not dead.  Speaking of romance, there are many vintage clothes stores in Gothenburg, one of which I found a rail of lace and satin ballgowns which looked like Sleeping Beauty’s wardrobe.  I died and went to Disney heaven. 


We also found a Steampunk bar which was full of old brass trinkets, clocks and cogs, weird sepia photographs, and victoriana armchairs.  There was a big iron spiral staircase in the centre which was horrible to try and manoeuvre whilst carrying cocktails.  The cocktails themselves had THE best names: ‘elixir of mystery’ and ‘the dark forest’ were our favourites.  I’ve never had a steaming, frothing drink before but I’m now left with bitter disappointment that all my beverages aren’t as sassy.  


Slottsskogen is a giant Park just south of the centre that was so vast that we were pretty surprised when we turned a corner and discovered seals, moose and baby deer.  Whilst not overtly Gothic I think just the sheer size of this place with its dark watery ponds, partially frozen and eerily glassy, meant we did feel quite in the wilderness at times and very far from the city.  We felt the same visiting the Southern archipelago.  Some of the islands had no inhabitants at all so you’re just wandering around a ghost town with little wooden fishing shacks.  It was incredibly quiet and unlike anywhere we’ve been before.  We looked out over the water and you can see fish rising and splashing in the distance- which did nothing for my fear of the water, knowing I’d be getting a boat back with the sea monsters beneath me! 


Basically, I loved Gothenburg.  It was beautiful and quirky and not at all what I expected, I even found a Kawaii shop!  

Sweden, till next time…

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