Skinny Gothic begins…

I’m in the first few weeks of my PhD and still a bit in awe if I’m honest.  It’s so surreal when something that you’ve been working towards for so long actually happens and then it’s a little bit like wow, what next?

Currently I’m working on refining my proposal- basically it changes every day as I edit so it definitely resembles something of Frankensteins’ monster.  Aside from that I’m reading/pinning/noting and trying to keep up with my boxsets of course!

I went to my first informal meeting with the other new PhD students and it was interesting to hear about everyones research ideas, and it helped that there were a few other Gothic PhD’s so we’ve got quite the club going at MMU.  Speaking of which I also attended the Gothic North Symposium, which is part of the Manchester Gothic Festival.  I went on my own, although I knew some of the speakers as it was organised by my Supervisor Linnie, even so I took the opportunity to make some new connections and ended up swapping info with a student who is starting her PhD on plastic surgery in the Gothic! So it ended up being quite the confidence boost that I actually successfully networked at one of these events and swapped some interesting conversations with like-minded Gothicists!

So aside from the usual stuff I’m going to be posting some updates on my research, along with my experiences as a fledgling PhD student… wish me luck!




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