Gothic Skin

So, I survived my first term on the PhD…

I was required to submit a more in-depth proposal, project timeline and a multitude of forms I hope I don’t have to revisit anytime soon!

By the time it got to Christmas I was slightly frazzled, and to be honest I’m still in a slight daze three weeks into January.  My time is split almost exclusively between reading and re-watching the key text series, which isn’t a bad thing but it does mean I’m already finding it incredibly difficult to ‘switch off’ from all things Gothic.  In fact, I think I vaguely remembering answering Ciaran (partner) by replying to his question about what to have for tea with a vague muffled response, followed by a musing on Tae Gon Kim’s vacant dresses (link here if you are interested, unlike Ciaran

So aside from going slightly round the bend, I am really enjoying the direction the research is going, and I’m awaiting feedback from my proposal in the next couple of weeks…

Also in the next few weeks I will be continuing to plan my trip to Japan at the end of March! Although I am still finding excuses to look at Haunted Tokyo tours and Halloween themed tsum tsums so it’s not quite off Gothic-topic completely, and the amount of kawaii stuff I am dying to experience over there isn’t probably helping with my sanity!

I’m slowly re-learning about how to timetable myself in terms of the Phd, I know I am a master of distraction, not so much procrastination as I very much go off on (vaguely) related tangents but ultimately still NOT what I usually should be doing.  Nevertheless I’m learning that even at the age of 24 I still DO NOT do mornings, and to attempt work before 9am is fairly futile… I can work quite happily till the twilight hours and as long as I can continue working this way it is proving to be the most efficient.  Similarly I must allow time for said-distractions so I don’t feel crippling guilt for my ‘intellectual’ wanderings and ‘lost time’.  Finally, I love lists.  Lists work, they channel me, and I LOVE ticking things off.

Next week I’m going to pencil in all the upcoming events and conferences I want to attend this year and organise my calendar for the upcoming months.  One thing I’ve learnt is that the University like multiple events/seminars/skill sessions/talks/lectures/meetings advertised in a variety of different places, so it’s important to write things down as I see them as the likelihood of retrieving the information is akin to chasing a rabbit down a hole, and back again!

All in all, feeling positive, somewhat organised, accepting and accommodating of my dwindling attention span, and ready to march on!


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